Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Mail of the Living Dead" ongoing collaborative art project is kewl...

This just popped up at random in my Google+ feed today...somebody needs to tell John Skipp about this, stat. It's so right up his alley, I'm shocked that it's not his project.

If you know anything about the "Mail Art" movement, are already some sort of practitioner of the form, etc., you'll know what to expect from "Mail of the Living Dead." If not...there are hundreds of pages of collage and drawing and painting, already, all anonymous, all just contributed by people just like you, because they thought it was neat.

People exactly like you, actually, this is a living, crowdsourced document. If you like what you see and have a free little while and an itch to make your own zombie art contribution, just comment at Marc Rossmiller's Google+ page, where he keeps a running account of contributions and links to creators' accounts on Google+. Or head over to the Mail of the Living Dead blog and contribute there, or email your contributions, or snail mail your mail art, old school, to:

Zombie Encyclopedia
c/o Mail of the Living Dead
1234 Sandusky Dr.
Iowa City, IA 52240

There is some really beautiful and sometimes funny art and writing, here, and it's well worth your time to look through, anyway.


  1. As someone involved in the project I can say it's been absolutely awesome and very rewarding, one of the most fun-filled and interesting pieces of work I've done. It's inspired me to take a new direction in my own writing and has even kick-started an interest in creative art. It literally has changed my life!

    All hail to Marc Rossmiller who generated and co-ordinated the entire project! :o)