Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zombie Analytics OF SCIENCE

University of Oxford science...

"The map reveals two important spatial patterns. First, much of the world lacks any content mentioning "zombies" whatsoever. Second, and related, the highest concentrations of zombies in the Geoweb are located in the Anglophone world, especially in large. The results either provide a rough proxy for the amount of English-language content indexed over our planet, or offer an early warning into the geographies of the impending zombie apocalypse."

I like to think it proves people who publish zombie books are trying way too hard in already-oversaturated markets. Come on, look at all that black space in South America! Don't you know anybody who can read and write Portuguese?

(Well, either that or: my god, the whole "First World" is clearly terrified that the rest of the world is going to show up on its doorstep and tear it to bits.)

via Geekosystem

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